Mahwah Limousine

Corporate Travel Management 

Service First

Mahwah Limousines has a strong culture of ensuring that every aspect of our service is conducted in a professional and courteous manner. From account management to customer service; from reservations to dispatch, and right through to our chauffeurs, we strive to make every contact with you the utmost in service.

Integrating our business processes with yours

Travel managers face increasing challenges to provide excellent service to their traveler community while reducing costs.  
Mahwah Limousines understands these pressures and has invested heavily in technologies that support these goals. 

At Mahwah Limousines, we strive to integrate our business processes with yours to provide a seamless flow of reservation 
data, confirmations, electronic receipts and on-demand reporting.

Custom Shuttle Services

Do you need to connect your business campuses together with a scheduled shuttle service?  Mahwah Limousines can provide you with a proposal to implement a comprehensive shuttle service allowing your employees to concentrate on work, instead of driving. Optionally, our vehicles can be equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing your employees to stay connected while en route.  Call Mahwah Limousines today to learn more.



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